Apr. 23rd, 2017 10:05 pm
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I'm sending some money to the assault victims from yesterday, and figured I'd ask if anyone wants to chip in. Not an obligation at all, obviously. Just if you want. Let me know by Tuesday.
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Anyone else see about that assault this morning? What the actual fuck?

(also that "unnamed police source" is a bigot if I ever saw one.)

Field trip!

Dec. 1st, 2016 11:26 pm
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Impromptu snowboarding trip this weekend!* Who's in?**

*You can also ski. Or tube. Tubing is SUPER fun guys.
**Doctors I promise, no broken bones this time.
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I say "officially" because I finished four months ago but Berkeley only just managed to get me my diploma. Gotta love the US postal system.

But it looks all cool and official and I feel all grown up. I'm a big boy now, right?
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(No not the cartoon)

Hey kids and squids-

So Lorna and I are planning an overnight backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail - no, not the whole thing (that's the dream though), just from Maine to New York. It's about 150 miles, and probably a 2-3 day trip, depending on how fast we move. Hiking, camping under the stars, all the good stuff.

My question is - who's interested in joining us? We'll do it over a weekend, probably Friday-Sunday, good times to be had by all.

We'll need a roll call relatively soon, so we know how much to bring in terms of supplies and everything, and everyone is welcome :D
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Aliens. Are they a thing? Someone be straight with me. Aliens are probably a thing right? Who here has met an alien?
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When you're stuck in bed and can't move because your skateboard boot only sorta worked and you almost broke your second leg?

Listen to scary stories on YouTube. They're actually a lot of fun but like...this one.

I mean yeah I get that it says "encounters with Real Witches" in the title but I could dress up Lorna in a Sasquatch costume, film her, and put it on YouTube and title it "Authentic Sasquatch Sighting" (note to self...) so like...are these people just making shit up or what?

So uh....

Mar. 10th, 2016 01:23 pm
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Does anyone have rope I can borrow?


Jan. 22nd, 2016 12:20 pm
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@mrsrushjunkie4eva totally wants to drive off without me. But I've got the coffee so she's stuck. #winning #ontheroad #roadtrip #withthegirl #almosthome
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Decided to stop at home. Not sure if the sister missed me or if she's plotting my demise. @meganbaby #family #sister #ontheroad #roadtrip #homesweethome


On the other hand I know the moms are happy to see me and @mrsrushjunkie4eva and probably won't let @meganbaby kill me. #family #moms #lgbtfamily #ontheroad #roadtrip #homesweethome
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Stayed a "haunted" inn with @mrsrushjunkie4eva. Took this photo in our room. ...Probably just a trick of the light, right? #ontheroad #roadtrip #withthegirl #iaintafraidofnoghosts
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World's largest ball of twine! @mrsrushjunkie4eva wasn't amused by our detour. I made up for it by finding the world's best fries for her. #roadtrip #ontheroad #withthegirl #marvelsoftheworld
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NY Highway.jpg

On the road! Heading back to Cali with @mrsrushjunkie4eva. #roadtrip #ontheroad #withthegirl
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Getting ready to leave for Cali with @mrsrushjunkie4eva. Be so glad when I can get the rest of my clothes and stop wearing the same four shirts over and over. #roadtrip #preparations #alsoimissmyskateboards


Aug. 17th, 2015 03:54 pm
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You guys got a big backyard. No one minds if I build a skateboard ramp in the corner right?





Aug. 10th, 2015 06:32 pm
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Scott shoved a laptop at me and told me to introduce myself so...this is me introducing myself.

I'm Alex Summers (no relation to that Scott guy) okay yes I'm related to that Scott guy and...jeez, this feels like an icebreaker. I was never any good at icebreakers.

I know! Three things - two are true, one's a lie. Try to guess the lie.

-I've broken my left and right legs once each, my right arm three times, and my left wrist once.
-I've gone through eight cell-phones because I keep losing them or breaking them or some weird combination of both.
-I came in first in the Nevada Junior Skateboard Competition when I was fifteen.

Your turn!

Please talk to me I don't think the doctors are ever going to let me leave.